Reclaimed wood with wrought iron corbels

We’re big into using reclaimed wood with wrought iron corbels as shelving. I think we’re up to 3 of them in the house now: kitchen, laundry room, bathroom. Personally, I love to use them over the doorway. We have a gorgeous store in town, Sandstone Gardens, (stop in if you’re ever driving through Joplin, Missouri) that sells the corbels. You can buy them at Hobby Lobby, but they don’t have quite the vintage vibe to them. If you hit up some antique stores, keep an eye out for antique stair treads. Any kind of reclaimed wood can work, but these little gems have a bullnose rounded edge along one side that gives the shelf a lovely finished look. A little sanding to get off the cobwebs and possibly some stain or oil brings out the natural wood colors and grain. Enjoy trying to hang the shelf completely level, but once that little chore is done it’s beautiful, functional, and ready to decorate!


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