Outdoor Daybed

An idea that started out as a perfect way to sunbathe on our deck has since gone to the dogs. Literally. They’ve taken over.
There are few things I get more enjoyment out of than relaxing outside on a beautiful day. In Missouri, however, they are few and far between. But, on those perfectly sunny days sometimes lounging in a chair on the deck just isn’t good enough. I get sleepy and have the desperate desire to be completely horizontal. Hence, my brilliant idea for an outdoor daybed…
This little piece of heaven was constructed using 2 wood pallets, wheels, and a twin mattress. The people at Meeks Lumber were kind enough to give me a couple of their discarded pallets. I secured them side by side by attaching two 2×4’s down each long side, plus a few more braces in the center for good measure. I stained the wood a dark brown and attached a locking caster wheel to each corner to allow for easy movement around the deck. Because I knew this daybed wouldn’t end up being used by my mom and I alone I decided that we could afford nothing smaller than a twin sized mattress. My amateur sewing skills were tested while making a fitted cover for the mattress using outdoor fabric. It fully covers both sides and has a Velcro envelope closure on one end to allow for easy removal. Between the waterproof fabric and a zippered waterproof mattress cover underneath, no amount of Missouri rain has penetrated past the cover. After I added galvanized pipes on each end to serve as a makeshift headboard and footboard and whipped up half a dozen waterproof throw pillows my bed was good to go…if only there was room for me. Our dogs have an uncanny knack for finding a pallet anywhere (especially the fabric on the floor while I’m trying to sew), so if my mom or I are relaxing on the daybed, then you can bet your ass there’s a dog or 3 up there with us. On the perfect 75 degree day though, it’s well worth the tight fit.

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