Window Shelves

Pause, evaluate the situation, and make a new plan…that is usually our method when the initial idea doesn’t go quite as intended. I should probably add the “panic” step in there somewhere. Our original thoughts were to make concrete window boxes hung on wrought iron corbels. More than just a thought, we actually made them and were pleased with the results until we discovered that they were too heavy to hang on corbels going into our wood siding.
Wanting something new and unique to add flowers and greenery to our outdoor windows, we decided to instead use a wood shelf layered with potted flowers rather than the traditional flower boxes. We were able to still use the corbels (since what was going on them no longer weighed 120 lbs), added additional knickknacks, and painted some cheap pots to create what I think is an uncommon, yet beautiful way to dress up the windows. I will soon make another post about our project known previously as “concrete window boxes” turned into “concrete planters”. Always the best laid plans…


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