Perking Up the Deck

After our entire focus had been centered around redoing the bathrooms, our deck was looking tired, sad, and unrecognized. So our Labor (intensive) Day Weekend was spent refinishing the back deck. Hiram, our all-knowing, God-sent gift of a handy man, recommended Cabot sealer to reinvigorate the wood. We chose a deep brown semi-transparent stain called Cordovan Brown. It was power washed with cleaner, allowed to dry for a week or more, and stained using a brush for the rails and between the slats and a roller for the planks. We love the look of an outdoor rug, but hate the feel, smell, and overall nastiness of an outdoor rug. We chose to stencil one straight on to the deck. Best of both worlds, right? Rosie disagrees. She can’t quite grasp why it looks comfortable, but doesn’t feel comfortable. She’ll adjust. 20130928-220551.jpg 20130928-220720.jpg 20130928-220744.jpg


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