Doors to be Opened

Door #1: Laura’s Door
After I had seen a repurposed door on Pinterest, I became fairly obsessed in creating my own version of an entryway piece made from an old door. I found what I thought would make a suitable start at our local Country Pickins antique store. The door was solid, had nice hardware, a good $50 price tag, and had a lovely mirror. Hannah and I put our heads together and began thinking of pieces around the house and at our home decor stores to become shelves, baskets, and hooks. We used corbels from Hobby Lobby in a large size to form the base or stand for the door. The smaller corbels worked perfect as a support for what once was our magazine holder on our coffee table. Instant shelf! We found the wrought iron piece to add as an additional storage bin and the crown shelf to hold vases, pictures, concrete objects, and candles. The combination of wood, metal, and concrete seems to be forever appealing to us! The door was lightly sanded, cleaned, and painted a dark grey. We distressed the edges by simply wiping off excess paint. The hooks, crown, and wrought iron piece were purchased at our local beloved Sandstone Gardens. They were all attached with wood screws and metal staples. It can be decorated for every season and holiday. So far, just halloween, but looking forward to doing it up big for Christmas!

Door #2: Hannah’s Door
I also purchased a vintage door to repurpose into a leaning mirror for my bedroom. Mine was only $20, but it also didn’t have a mirror and was painted baby blue. I painted it a cream shade and even allowed some of the blue to show through then applied and quickly wiped off a little bit of umber glaze to give it a distressed feel. I had a mirror cut to size (about $10) then cut wood trim at 45 degree angles with our handy miter saw to form a frame for the mirror making it look as though that’s the way it’s always been. A beautiful stained glass angel made by my aunt and a hook for scarves and whatnot make this mirrored door perfectly gorgeous and functional. Just don’t look on the backside because that’s still baby blue.

8 thoughts on “Doors to be Opened”

  1. question: How did you attach the mirror? Did you insert it into the opening and use glue and then put the wood trim over it or did you use another method to attach?


    1. They mirror on the grey door was already attached so I can’t help you there. The mirror on the cream door was cut to size to fit over the door panels then glued down using mirror adhesive. The trim was butted right up against the mirror and glued to the door with wood glue. I hope this helps!

    2. I’ve searched and searched for info on how to install mirrors into old windows. I’ve had little luck finding any info. Thank you for sharing your technique!

  2. Hi! I recently bought an old door with a window slot that I want to replace with a mirror.

    My question is:
    Where did you purchase your cut to size mirror??

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Lisa! I just took my exact dimensions to a local glass and mirror shop. They cut a mirror to size and had it ready to go for me in a few days and for only about $15!

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