Exiting Route 66

As with all of our other rooms pre-renovation, this room screamed 90’s in the worst way. This room was originally designed as a game room with our pool table. The before pictures just don’t do this Route 66 themed room justice. Picture floor to ceiling plaid wallpaper, a license plate border, then continuing a lovely hunter green wallpaper to cover the ceiling. Complete with Route 66 curtains, chairs, everything! Even a Route 66 gift store employee would have said, “I think that’s too much Route 66 stuff for one room.” We ditched the pool table and started planning for what would be our new craft room.

We stripped all the wall paper off inch by plaid-covered inch then had the professionals come in to texture the walls.

Our look for this room is light, vintage, and with slight rustic/industrial touches. We chose a medium grey, Requisite Grey, for the 20140113-201956.jpgwalls and a slightly darker Functional Grey for the ceilings. Both are Sherwin Williams colors. We added wood trim where the wall meets the ceiling for a more customized look (and so our paint line didn’t have to be spot on).

Storage was essential in this room. It was acquired in the form of wood shelving lined with baskets and containers of all shapes and sizes.

The closet was converted into a small office space with custom wood shelves held up by black steel pipe.

A cheap flea market table was stripped of the bright blue spray paint and stained a dark walnut with antique white legs.

Overall, it’s a space that holds a nice mix of old and new, industrial and soft, and rustic and polished. It’s complete with family pictures, inherited treasures, and all things necessary for whatever creative project strikes us next.



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