Galvanized Pipe

Galvanized pipe: it’s not just for plumbing anymore!
One of my latest obsessions has been using galvanized piping in my bedroom and bath. It adds an industrial look while giving a nice contrast to all the femininity that is my style. My love for this was It’s sold at Ace, Lowe’s, and even Farm and Tractor Supply. The various parts and sizes make the possibilities endless. However, for having a reclaimed/industrial/shabby chic look it isn’t the cheapest. Plan on spending close to $5 or $6 per flange (AKA the circle part that screws into the wall) and closer to $3 on the pipes themselves. Factor in 90 degree elbows and end caps and it can add up quick. To me, it’s worth it though for a style that I love and pieces that are customized to me. Eventually I will reach a point where you can have too much galvanized metal in your bedroom and bath, but I’m not there yet…


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